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Valve Radios
(and a few Record Players)

Mains and Battery Valve Radio's and related Items.

On this Page are the following Radios.
Ever Ready Type N
Ever Ready Sky Queen
Ever Ready Sky Casket
Ever Ready Sky King
Vidor CN429 Lady Margaret
Lissen 8168
Ferguson 346B Flair
McMichael Suitcase
Vidor 396A
Vidor 381
Bush BP81
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Bush DAC70
Pye P43U
A 1947 Strad
Murphy U512
Cossor Melody Maker 568
Pilot Little Maestro T105
Ecko 1950 Car Radio
A Radio Rentals Set
Kolster Brandes GR15
Vidor CN 420
Vidor CN 430
Amplion Portable
Bush DAC10
Marconi P17B
Champion 851
Ultra 50
Ever Ready Model H
Lotus SGP Receiver
Osram Music Magnet
Pye 75B
Ferguson 450
Jewel Radio
Ever Ready Sky Baronet
Marconi T42DAB
Ever Ready C/A
Vidor CN426 Henley
Calypso 62015
Grundig 97WE1
Ever Ready 5214
Murphy A122
Philips B3G75U
Bakelite Speaker Cabinet
Kolster Brandes PUP
Amplion ADP1
HMV 1121
Etronic EPZ 4213
Mullard MBS 6
Pilot Blue Peter
KB Rhapsody De Lux
Baby Bafflette Extension Speaker
Dansette Type M Record Player
Marconi 1960's Record Player
Murphy A242
KB Nocturne
Ormond Loudspeaker
Bush BAC31
Stella ST105U
Ekco Power Supply

Ever Ready Type 'N'

Ever Ready Type N
September 1951.Not working. Case quite good. Top panel of the radio is undamaged. Valves DK91 DF91 DAF91 DL92. Currently awaiting a DL 92.

Ever Ready Sky Queen

Ever Ready Sky Queen
July 1950. Now working. Valves DK96 DF96 DAF96 DL96. Case has a bit of woodworm and it had been badly stored. Took a while to persuade it to work. Waiting for the case to be worked on. This set was the start of my interest in valves after a break of some 40 years.

Ever Ready Sky Casket

Sky Casket
Mid 1950's. Not working. Valves DK96 DF96 DAF96 DL96. Case is in good condition. Output transformer open circuit, valveholder for the DK96 cracked now changed. AF power is now good.

Ever Ready Sky King

Sky King
1956. Not tried yet. Valves DK96 DF96 DAF96 DL96. Case is in good condition. Another in the Sky Series of portables.

Bush BP81

Bush BP81
1957 Working. Case dirty but will clean ok. Valves DK96 DF96 DAF 96 DL96. Printed circuit board. Needs a good clean and the gold trim refixing on the knobs.

Vidor CN429 Lady Margaret

Vidor CN429
June 1954. Non working. Valves DK96 DF96 DAF96 DL96.

Valveholders are in a very poor condition and need replacing otherwise it is in quite good conditon.

Lissen 8168 Suitcase Portable

Lissen 8168
1936. Not tried yet, building a power supply for it. Valves K50 K30C K30C K70D. Case has been painted with black paint as has the control panel. Everything is intact and all valves in place. Speaker panel is good but again painted black and someone has tried to prise the bottom out with a screwdriver, so marks on the woodwork. Further pictures of the current internal state are in the 'My Workshop' section.

Ferguson 346B 'Flair'

Ferguson Flair
1959 Now Working. Clean case and panel. Valves DK96 DF96 DAF 96 DL96. Printed circuit board. The 346B was the printed circuit version of the 344B of 1957. A few marks on the top panel where the paint has been scratched.

McMichael Suitcase

McMichael Suitcase
1930's. Not Tested. Building a power supply at the moment. Very good condition. 4 Valves 2 on each side under the alloy flaps at the front. Leather case. No positive identification yet. Harrods label on the front of the speaker housing. Not opened so state of the chassis is unknown.

Vidor 396A

Vidor 396A
A Mains/Battery model. Valves DK91 DF91 DAF91 DL94.Has been worked on as two diodes 1N series appear to be the rectifiers. Not tried yet. In quite good 'restorable condition.

Vidor 381

1948. Repaired electrically and working. Valves: DK91 DF91 DAF91 DL92. Case has had water on its righthand side and the plywood was coming apart with the covering detached. Also the aerial cover on the inside of the lid had buckled badly.

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