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Record Players

A small collection of Record Players. They will be refurbished and will be offered for sale. Email if you are interested to see what the availiability is.

Dansette Type M

Dansette Type M Record Player
A Dansette Type M with Autochanger deck.
Serial No 0006038.
The Motor Board
The inside of the Lid. Impressive.
The Amplifier Have not found any information on this yet so I would guess at the early 1960's for its release. Its in good condition with the case and metalwork needing a clean.
The amplifier is a 2 valve type using a UY85 as the rectifier and a UCL85 for the actual preamplifier/amplifier.
It is working but with the usual noisy controls and requires a new stylus.

Marconiphone early 1960's Record Player

Marconiphone 1960's Record Player
A Marconiphone Record Player from the early 1960's with a Garrard Autoslim Autochanger Deck
The Amplifier
The usual 2 valve, UL84 and UY85 (the rectifier) amplifier. Apart from needing a clean and a service this record player is in very good condition. It plays well but needs the volume control changing.

Autoslim record deck

Phillips. Disc Jockey Major Phillips. Disc Jockey Major Deck This is a Phillips Disc Jockey Major. It is in very nice condition with the cabinet only requiring a clean with no damage at all.
It plays 16/33/45 and 78 records.
Thanks to Roy who has supplied a copy of the Phillips Disc Jockey Operating Instructions.
It is availiable as a Pdf file
Philips AG2121 Operating Instructions Thanks to Joe who has supplied a copy of the Phillips Disc Jockey Manual which includes the circuit.
It is availiable as a Pdf file
Philips AG2121 Manuals

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