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Military Radio and Communication Receivers

A guide to
Surplus Military Radios.
A Guide to Surplus Military Radios

The Heathkit Mohican GC 1A

Heathkit Mohican

The Codar CR 70A

Codar CR 70A

The Codar CR45

Codar CR45

The National HRO,HRO-M and HRO-MX. Alignment Data


Codar Price List and Information sheets


Wavemeter Class D N01 MK2

Class D Wavemeter

R1132 Ground Receiver


PCR 2 Ground Receiver



This radio was the companion of the T1154 transmitter and flew in the second world war in Lancasters etc. Many surplus ones came on the market in the late 1950's for about 9. See the Magazine section for some advertisements for these and other surplus set. Technical details are availiable from the Link at the bottom of the page.

R1155 I have just acquired this set. As can be seen from the photograph it has been modified although they do not appear to have been completed. Internally the set is complete except for the DF section which has been removed and a power supply built in its place.
R1155 side view This is a view of the right hand side. The power supply transformer can be seen and some loose wiring. Most of the wiring is rubber covered which crumbles when touched.
R1155 Top view A top view of the set. In the late 1950's and early 1960s Practical Wireless and Radio Constructor magazines published a number of modifications to the R1155.
R1155 Circuit
This link is for the Radio Constructors Magazine R1155 modification.
R1155 Follow this link to pages containing the General Assembly and Chassis Layout Drawings.
Modifications to the R1155
Modifications to the R1155

Peter Tranter who helped me with some of the magazine articles and advice has completed the rebuild of his R1155 sets and has now written down his experiences on his own web site. His writeup will be of help to anyone thinking of restoring a set. R1155 Rebuild on Peter Tranters site

A Guide to Dismantling & Rebuilding the R1155
Peter Holtham has produced a manual on rebuilding the R1155 set. Have a look at the following blog from Peter which also has a copy of the index. Also GV4CU has availiable spares and a replacement front panel for the set (Now you can unbodge the 1950-1960's mods). Peter's R1155 Manual GV4CU R1155 Spares

The original Wireless World article on the R1155 from 1946.

R1155 article 1946

In the links section there are some military sites listed.
Military Radio Sites


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