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Shortwave Magazine Government Surplus Advertisements from 1948

Magazine cover 1948

The following advertisements appeared in 1948. They all offer surplus equipment or components to the Radio Constructor,Experimentor or Radar indicator Units for conversion to televisions.
Remember there was only one TV channel with very restricted coverage. Most of the advertisments contain the original prices. The conversion rate today is about 16 to each old pound.

Some of the units that appear in the advertisments are: BC312,BC342,BC348,R208,R1224A,Power Supply unit Type 5,TR3510,BC221,Wavemeter Class D,No 3 Mk11,3170Radar rx,Indicator 162C,Amplifiers 3562 127,R1481,R1116a etc.

The last 3 pages are related to the Hambander from Radiovision of Leicester. The first page is the original advertisment and the remaining two pages are a review from the Shortwave magazine.
Over the past few years these sets have appeared on Ebay.
Adverts Page 1 Adverts Page 2 Adverts Page 3
Adverts Page 4 Adverts Page 5 Adverts Page 6
Adverts Page 2 Adverts Page 8 Adverts Page 9
Adverts Page 10 Adverts Page 11 Adverts Page 12
Adverts Page 13

Hambander Advert Hambander Page 1 Hambander Page 2


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