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Data on Vintage Denco Coil Packs, IF Transformers and Coil Turrets and other components

Pages from a Denco Catalogue from the late 1960's or early 1970's.Denco Coilpacks,IF Transformers and Coil Turrets, Crystal Receiver Coils, Miniture Dual Purpose Coils and other components from the manufacturers catalogue.

Denco BFO Coil

Denco BFO coil

Denco Coil Packs

Denco Coilo Packs
Denco Coil Packs Page 2

Denco Ferrite Rod Aerials

Ferrite Rod Aerials

Denco Iron Dust Cores and Trimmers

Denco ron Dust Cores and Trimmers

Denco IF Filter

IF Filter

Denco IF Transformer type IFT 11

IF Transformer. IFT 11

Denco IF Transformers type IFT13,14,15,16,17 & 18. plus RDT 1 & 2. PDT 1

Miniture IF Transformers IFT13,14,16,17,18 & 15. Ratio Discriminator Transformer RDT 2

Denco Minature Dual Purpose Coils. Blue,Yellow,Green,Red and White DP coils in ranges 1 to 7

Minature Dual Purpose Coils

Denco Polystyrene Coil Formers

Polystyrene Coil Formers

Denco Ferrite Pot Cores

Ferrite Pot Cores

Denco Phase Discriminator and Ratio Discriminator circuits

Phase Discriminator and Ratio Discriminator circuits

Denco Transistor Tuning Coils. White,Yellow,Red and White in ranges 1T to 5T

Transistor Tuning Coils

Denco RF Chokes. Types RFC 5,7A,8,9A,10 and 11

RF Chokes

Denco Crystal Receiver Coil. PCC 1 and circuit

Medium Wave Coil PCC 1


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